Love. Create. Celebrate.

Hello, my name is Katie! So what do you want to know? LOL I always have a hard time sitting down and writing one of these. As much as it goes against the blogger in me, I generally don't like talking specifically about "Me". 

I have my Bachelor's in Communication with an emphasis on emerging media with a skill set in web design, social media engagement, technical writing, and content and graphic design. This has very much come in handy with my love of blogging and a personal journey towards entrepreneurship. 

I am a Girl Scout troop leader, photographer, and crafter. I have a passion for design and creating pretty things that celebrate special occasions and personal spaces. I can be a little introverted at times which is why online is the perfect space for me. 

I'm a mama to three little girlies so my days are filled with pink, glitter, and lots of fun! Having three little girls came as a surprise to me but it excites me to have a little tribe of miniature versions of myself.  After realizing that boys were not in the cards for this mama, I knew I had to nail this whole raising a girl in today's world thing. Here you will find a lot of just that on my journey towards raising up my girls and other girls around me.  My hope is to raise them up so high to be strong, confident, caring, genuine women who show the world how incredible they really are.

I hope you find a little something in my space, and that keeps you coming back. Please feel free to follow along on social media so we can be friends!