Star Wars Birthday!

I'm so excited that I'm finally posting these pictures for you guys!! Bella requested a Star Wars theme for her birthday this year and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive. I am not familiar with the movies, like she is, but luckily I had my friend, Denise, to assist me. She also happens to be a huge Star Wars fan!

Dessert & Favor Table

The dessert/favor area was the main set up. We scaled this party down a bit from our usual party decor but I think the details we did incorporate made a big bang!! 

  • Glow stick light sabers: Dollar Tree glow sticks, duct tape, and sharpie marker
  • Tie fighter hanging by command hooks.: I purchased mine here: Tie Fighter 3D Model kit
  • Darth Vader and *pink* storm trooper cupcakes
  • Storm trooper goodie bags: I used a storm trooper graphic and printed them out. I cut out the faces and used rubber cement to glue them to your typical white lunch bags.
  • "Come to the dark side We have cupcakes" print out and pink frame provided by: Everything But The Cake

The backdrop is a twinkle light star wall. It's super easy to make. You can take a black foam board and use a drill bit to drill holes in the board for your lights to poke through. I secured the back with duct tape to make sure the lights stayed in place. Regular white Christmas lights would work.

Food Labels

Chewbacca's Chips

Sarlacc Pit Dip

Vader Veggies

Jabba Juice (not pictured)

Vader, storm trooper, and ship cut outs were also provided by Everything But The Cake. In the hallway we tried creating a star wall with twinkle lights and a black table cloth but the photograph didn't do it justice.

Pink Storm Trooper Cupcakes

Initially I had a plan for a cake but poor planning didn't allow that to happen. Instead I whipped up these super easy cupcakes topped with a pink marshmallow storm trooper. I used a Wilton food marker to draw on the faces.


Pink Star wars_edited-demo.jpg

You can order your own custom Star Wars invites in our SHOP!

Party Fashion

Check out my friend Denise's shop for the shirt and bow: Wonderland Bowtique

What do you guys think? I think this would be super cute for a Girl Scout overnight with a Star Wars theme!



It's Giveaway Time!!


Hello Friends!

I'm super excited to offer an opportunity for one lucky person to win Mighty Girls Rock patches (12) and our Strong is Beautiful tote bag (1)! You can enter the contest below from Thursday, February 16th @ 12:00 AM to Sunday, February 19th @ 11:59 PM. 

There are two ways to win....

Join our VIP Facebook community or Follow along on Instagram.

The winner will be posted here on our blog on Monday, February 20th. This Giveaway is open to those who reside within the 50 United States. Shipping will be included if winner resides within the 48 Contiguous United States.

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Girl Scout Fortune Cookie Valentines

Valentine's Day is coming up! I love getting festive with the kids, even if it's a Hallmark holiday. It's just a great reminder to love one another... something this world could use more of. At our last troop meeting one of the girls mentioned the fortune cookie valentine and asked if we could make them. In the spirit of keeping it girl-led, I said of course!

I had to take it up a notch and make it Girl Scout themed so I created the little fortune strips that they could include in their cookie.. It has little Girl Scouts on them!!! So adorable!


  • pencil
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • craft foam (Dollar Tree had the hearts foam in a 12 pack!)
  • Printable Fortune strip

Step 1: 

Use a circle template (about 5-6 inches in diameter) and trace your pattern.


Step 2:

Cut out your circle and the fortune strip.

Step 3:

Place your strip in the center of your circle and add a dab of hot glue at the bottom of the circle (like shown in the picture below).

Step 4:

Fold over your craft foam and hold lightly until the glue is secured. 

Step 5:

Fold the half circle in half and use a dab of hot glue to secure.

Aren't these the cutest things you ever seen?

You can download a copy of the fortune sheets (Daisy, Brownie, Juniors) below!

Daisy Fortune Sheet

Brownie Fortune Sheet

Junior Fortune Sheet

Stay in touch!

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We Visited the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

I was finally able to finish this video from our trip a couple weeks back. I was up till 3 AM with the final edits because my computer was acting up and I was super paranoid that if I didn't finish it would have all been scrapped! There was a couple of close calls and potty language to say the least.

We went to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis on one of the last weekends of the Doc McStuffins exhibit. We left Penny with the grandparents. We love her so much but she is such an active and independent toddler that I was afraid the entire day would be chasing her around and we really wanted the older kiddos to enjoy the day. 

It is the largest children's museum in the world and it was very interactive and worth the 3 hour road trip from Chicago! Check out our fun below and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Spa Science: Make Your Own Lip Balm

Bella has been into STEM subjects lately and really loves science experiments! I love this side of her and I only want to encourage her exploration, which is why when she begged to make another YouTube video I couldn't say NO. 

We are avid library fans and constantly have 30+ books checked out at any given time. She recently checked out Cool Chemistry Activities for Girls and was excited to try the lip balm activity!

You can make any flavor you like. The recipe calls for peppermint but we used strawberry extract instead! This recipe works great for a Spa Science party or as part of the Home Scientist Brownie Badge!

Thanks for watching!

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Bella's Cookie Campaign Video 2017

Hey Guys!!

It's officially cookie season here in the De La house and pretty much Bella's favorite time of year, aside from Christmas! She lives for this and takes such pride in "owning" her cookie business. This is her third year and each year she tries to take it up a notch and has set her sales goal high. 

We have went over goal setting and the strategies she needs to execute in order to obtain her goal and she is motivated and pumped! 

Each year she creates a marketing video to show friends and family that she can't ask in person. This really puts the sale in her hands and she isn't just relying on her parents to shoot out an email or bring the cookie card to work. I'm so proud of her and here is her newest Cookie Campaign video!


Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!!!

Teach Your Kids How To Set Goals and Crush Them

Goal Setting. It's an essential skill that I wish I was taught sooner in life and a great way to give your kids the tools for success. If you are a troop leader, do you spend time teaching your scouts how to properly set goals? It's one thing to set a troop cookies sales goal and it's another to teach them how to obtain that goal.

As my Brownie scout gets older I see her more driven in working towards what she wants. She declared that her goal for gymnastics was to move up to the competitive team. I was pretty darn excited because all I wanted was for Bella to find something she was truly passionate about that she would start setting goals and working hard towards them. We talked with her coach about what specific things she needed to accomplish and tips on ways to make that happen for her. She was given work outs to do at home to strengthen her arms and core and we added an additional gymnastics class each week. 

We used the same goal setting skills when cookie season rolled around and she set her goal at twice the amount of the previous year. We discussed her results from the previous year and what her game plan was for this year. I asked her what she planned on doing differently to get greater results and she brainstormed her solution such as adding on extra cookie booths, going door to door in different locations, and asking businesses to contribute to the Gift of Caring program.

Smart Goals

I'm sure we have all heard of them by now but have ya taught your kids? Why not start now?


What exactly do they want? Create a goal statement that includes a time frame and specific measurement. EX. I will sell 500 cookie boxes by the end of March.


This can also stand for measurable. Make sure your child understands the WHY. What is the outcome if this goal is accomplished? Is it saving money for a certain item or is it an academic achievement? How will it make them feel? Knowing the WHY will keep them motivated to carry out their goal.


Is this goal attainable? Have you laid out the steps and do you have the tools and resources to reach your goal. Do you have a solid plan?


Is your goal realistic? Discuss with your kid if the goal is realistic. We don't want to set them up for failure it there goal is to travel to the moon in the next 6 months. While you want to encourage and challenge them to reach outside of their comfort zone you also don't want them to set a goal you know might not be realistic or age appropriate.


Have them set a specific time frame in which they want to complete their goal. This keeps them on track and accountable. If we don't set deadlines we will most likely procrastinate, especially kids.

Write out your goal plan!

kids goal setting.jpg

It's important to write out your goals and set up a plan. Writing it out gives them an opportunity to look back and remember the steps and the motivation behind the goal. You can print your own copy of this simple goal setting sheet below!!

--->Kids Goal Setting Sheet Download Here!<---

The Perfect Game for the Brownie Money Manager Badge!

It's finally here and I'm so excited to share this with ya'll!!! I know many of you have been asking for this and I was looking for a fun way to to teach the money manager badge. What better way!

How to Play....

Have the girls break up into teams. Give each team a set of cards with round 1-3 and the showcase round card. Go through each round individually and reveal at the end of each round. After the first three rounds have the girls add up their scores. The top two teams will get to move on to the showcase round. Each round takes about 5-10 minutes. Allow for 20-30 minutes for the entire game.

Download the game cards through my shop in the link below!


Money Manager Price is Right game cards

This game works wonderfully with the Brownies Money Manager badge! Instant download that you can print copies for your entire troop!

The cards work well with steps 2-5 of the badge.


Round 1: Elf groceries
Round 2: Elf outfit and accessories
Round 3: Elf school supplies
Showcase Round: Fun prize package!

Add To Cart


Here is the answer key too!

Brownie Painting Badge

In an effort to keep our year girl led, it was no surprise that this was the first choice when the girls had the option to pick a badge. We had so much fun with this and it's definitely a two meeting badge. There is so much to do that it was impossible to fit it all in an one hour meeting.

Meeting 1: Steps 1-3....

Get Inspired:

The girls used their Girls Guide to Girl Scouting books and viewed the different types of paintings as given in the Painting badge requirements. I really wanted to turn this step into a field trip but we just didn't have the time with the holiday season around the corner but I would highly recommend scouting your area for local small art galleries. When I did my search I found several in our town!

Paint The Real World

The girls had the opportunity to choose between two different painting options (dandelion or footprints in the sand). We actually incorporated step 4 in our paintings without even knowing it by using our feet!

I found bulk canvases on sale at Michael's craft store. You can also find some affordable ones here

Paint A Mood

We used the suggestion in the Girls Guide and painted our moods with puffy paint! This was so cool and the girls had fun mixing their own puffy paint! 

Puffy Paint Recipe:

  • 1 part shaving cream
  • 1 part glue
  • a few drops of food coloring
  • (Optional) mix in some flour to add thickness. 


Meeting 2: Steps 4-5

Paint Without Brushes

Since the holidays were right around the corner and we were feeling festive we used the stamping method to create wrapping paper out of old paper grocery bags. If you have any daisies in your troop this step will go right along with the clover petal and using resources wisely by recycling paper bags into wrapping paper. We also decorated brown paper gift bags!

Use cookie cutters, cut up sponges, and make your own stamps! It doesn't just have to be for the holidays, you can make birthday wrapping paper for Juliette Gordon Low's birthday, too!

Paint a Mural

Keep this one girl led. Let them decided what mural they want to paint as a troop. Have them draw it our first. We used a poster board. If they are having trouble, guide them with some suggestions. Maybe they can paint a large picture of an animal and each take a part (daisies 3 cheers for animals). Maybe they want to paint a scene with each girl in the troop in it. The options are endless but give them time to think about it.

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STEM gifts for your Mighty Girl

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